Alternatives to Roses at Your Wedding

Published On February 3, 2017 | By Daryl Nelsons | Weddings

While roses are beautiful they can also be expensive. Roses are so commonly used for weddings that it is starting to become passé. The good news is that there are so many other flowers that will make your wedding day just as special and many of them are cheaper and easier to obtain than roses are.

Recently, Calla Lilies have become a popular flower to use in weddings. One of the major selling points for choosing them for your wedding is that you can get them in white or in mango, pink, eggplant and yellow. Their mini version is the perfect size for your wedding day bouquets while the full sized ones help make a great centerpiece.

Just like Calla and mini Calla Lilies, peonies are perfect for both bouquets and centerpieces. These are easiest to get a hold of if you are planning a spring wedding as that is when they are in season.

Stephanotis is a flower not generally well known or associated with weddings, but there is a place for this type of flower at your wedding. Consisting of small white buds, these flowers are perfect for boutonnieres and can also be used in your wedding décor. They work well to create decorations for both indoor and outdoor weddings.

Gladiolas are another flower that lends itself well to wedding centerpieces and bouquets. These flowers are known for their long stems and their petals being so close together. This means that you can get away with using less of them than you would need if you chose other flowers. Like Calla Lilies, Gladiolas can be obtained in several different colors.

If money is a concern when you’re planning your wedding a great alternative to Roses is mums. You can get away with using a lot of them if you want to, because they give off a mild scent that won’t overpower your guests’ noses. They are great to use in bouquets, as décor and in your centerpieces as well.

Carnations are a great choice if you are planning a wedding during the summer months. They can easily handle the heat even if you have an outdoor wedding and reception. You can get them in colors such as white, yellow, orange, soft pink and bright red. They also work great in your unique centerpieces since they accent items like wedding sparklers or ribbon wands that are becoming more and more popular. If you do mix them with sparklers, you’ll want them to be very long like these wedding sparklers that are 36″ long so your flowers don’t begin to wilt after only a few hours from coming into contact with the gunpowder.

To get the feel of having roses at your wedding without having to spend the extra money, consider Ranunculus. This flower has very dense petals so you can create thick, impressive looking bouquets that are just as full as a bouquet of roses would be, but are easier on your budget. Their petals range from small to very large making it easy to get the look you want. You can also get this flower in white, a light shade of lavender and both light and deep pinks.

There are other alternatives to roses, but these are among the best. You will find that each of these flowers are just as beautiful as roses, but much more unique.

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