Guinness: From Dublin to the World

Published On June 3, 2016 | By Daryl Nelsons | Drink & Food

There are several facts about the humble beginnings of Guinness that will interest those who enjoy this one-of-a-kind stout. Arthur Guinness, the man who gave the brewery its name, made his way to Dublin, Ireland in the mid-1700s. He then established his business by purchasing a long lease on a brewery that had fallen into disrepair.

At the time, the general state of the brewery industry was – to put it mildly – in decline. Had Guinness given up on his task of producing quality ale, millions around the world would not be drinking his iconic beer today. But he persisted, sending several barrels of the stout across the waters to England. This relatively short trip was the beginning of an export business that now spans the globe.

More Than 200 Years Later

Before looking a bit more closely at how this fine drink is made and marketed, it is worth noting that Guinness’ small start has expanded to make large canned Guinness stout beer available at FairPrice, a supermarket that began as part of NTUC Fairprice Co-operative Ltd. in 1973. This company started with a mission to provide products at a more moderate price in Singapore, and has now reached that goal and gone above and beyond it. Garçom(1) Guinness Stout, which was first produced in 1799 when Arthur Guinness changed his business from ale production to stout production, is now available in hundreds of locations around the world, both in draught form and in cans. Even just a few decades ago, it would have seemed impossible that it would be available in cans, much less in Singapore. The majority of Irish breweries sold only within the country in those days, but Guinness decided to offer his product in faraway locations, including New Zealand.


The brewery continued to expand, first under Arthur’s son and then under a man named Edward Cecil. Oxford-educated chemists experimented with different mixtures, but the focus was always on producing a stout of very high quality. As the 20th century moved into its latter half, the company introduced the Guinness draught people know and love today.

Brewed in Other Countries

Guinness management began to expand brewery operations to several other countries, and eventually this remarkable, dark, stout beer was known almost everywhere. Just a few years ago, the company began using what they called the rocket widget, used in cans of Guinness. This tiny object helps the brew combine or add nitrogen, which maintains the creamy texture and taste. The method is also available with Guinness bottles.


This icon of the brewing industry has come a long way from its very humble start in 18th-century Dublin. Originally from barrels and draught only, the stout has now become widely available to those who enjoy their Guinness outside of a pub or club. With large-sized cans being sent around the globe today, individuals who once enjoyed the brew in their favourite local spot can now walk into a supermarket in Southeast Asia to purchase the dark beer, and take it with them to their homes, to an outdoor activity, or anywhere that people gather. Enjoy one of the most recognisable stout beers in the world.

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