The Perfect Wedding Checklist

Published On December 15, 2016 | By Daryl Nelsons | Weddings

Every wedding, no matter how big or small, will require a lot of careful planning, in order for everything to go smoothly. There is so much to organise, what with choosing the venue, hiring a caterer, and let’s not forget the entertainment. If you are about to undertake the role of organising a wedding, here is a short list of very important things to be done.

  • The Guest List – Essential, as without it you cannot approach a venue, which means the bride and groom need to spend some time on making a final selection. Once armed with this figure, you can now think about the venue.
  • The Venue – Your choice of venue could take a lot of the strain out of the project, as an experienced establishment would be well versed with weddings, and not only would they have the right amenities, they would also know of many vendors that you might like to use. It is possible the management can offer you a very comprehensive package that would even include overnight accommodation for some of the guests.
  • The Photographer – This is the person who will capture the event for all to cherish, so there’s no taking chances here. You need a professional company with lots of experience covering weddings, and if you live in NSW, and are searching for a Newcastle wedding photographer, there are online companies that have an impressive gallery of previous projects, and are experienced in all types of photography, aside from weddings.
  • The Caterer – If this comes with the venue, then it is just a question of checking the menus and agreeing on the fine details, but if you have to hire an outside caterer to handle the event, make sure they are reputable. The menu should reflect the tastes of the guests, and there should always be adequate dishes for vegetarians, as more and more people are abstaining from meat consumption these days.
  • The Entertainment – This could also be provided by the venue, although you may want something a little more suited to the guests, in which case you could incorporate your comedy routine into their program. Some weddings manage to do really well with just a good sound system and a long playlist, but whatever you decide, there should always be an opportunity for the guests to join in with the singing.
  • Other Services – Every wedding is different, some might prefer a themed event, possibly on a beach, or in the forest somewhere, while others would opt for a lavish sit down event, and some people like to host the reception at the family home, which is a great idea if you have the space. There could be a number of essential items you will need, so make sure you list things, as they come up.

Hopefully, the event will be one that is remembered for many years to come, and perhaps you will be asked to arrange another one soon, so keep this checklist handy, just in case.

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