Wedding Ring Pillow Alternatives

Published On December 17, 2016 | By Daryl Nelsons | Weddings

When it comes time for your ring bearer to walk down the aisle you may shun the traditional pillow the ring is supposed to be carried on. The good news is that there are tons of alternatives to using an actual pillow.

To add an outdoorsy/nature feel to your wedding, consider creating a manmade bird’s nest. You can decorate the nest any way you want to and many couples choose to include fake bird eggs to make it look even more realistic.

Personalized, engraved ceramic bowls can also serve as a substitute for the traditional wedding ring pillow. You can even have your wedding date engraved on the bowl if you choose to. Using ribbon you can attach the wedding rings to the bowl. And after your wedding is over you have a unique memento of your special day that you can keep on your mantel for the rest of your life.

A hollowed out book can be another unique choice for the transportation of the wedding rings down the aisle. Many couples choose a book with a romantic title, or simply a book they both enjoyed reading. The hollowed out space to hold the rings can even be shaped like a heart if that is what you choose.

You can use something as simple as a small wooden box that is decorated and use it in place of a wedding ring pillow. Making a double wide ring box out of wood adds a touch of class to your wedding and also serves as an excellent souvenir of your big day, especially with your names and wedding date included on the top of the box.

For a beach wedding you can use a bigger wooden box and decorate it to match the theme. All you have to do is purchase a white wooden box or use white paint to create one. You can then decorate the box with seashells glued to the top and sides. Making or buying a stencil will help you add beach related images to the box.

If you can’t resist having a four legged family member in your wedding, you can turn a well behaved dog or cat into your ring bearer. Since they can’t hold the wedding ring pillow you can use ribbon or other material to secure the pillow on their back. Just remember to keep the cat or dog on a leash throughout the ceremony, especially if your wedding venue dictates that you have to.

If the children are a little older, you could optionally use wedding sparklers instead and have the rings attached to the base of the sparklers. The sparklers will burn as the ring bearer makes their way down the aisle, and then they can just be presented to the best man and maid of honor for during the ceremony. Make sure you train the ring bearer well so they know how to handle the sparklers and pass them safely to the bride and groom; the last thing you want is a sever burn from a wedding sparkler on the hands of couple that is being wed.

When you still want to have a little one walk the rings down the aisle, there is no need to make them carry a pillow. Cute alternatives to a wedding ring pillow that a small child can carry include a teddy bear. You can string the rings on a ribbon and tie the ribbon around the teddy bear’s neck.

Whichever wedding ring pillow alternative you choose, it will make your wedding that much more special and unique. There is no reason to stick to the traditional wedding ring pillows when you can easily trade it out for wedding sparklers, wooden boxes, or a variety of other alternatives.

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